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With professional translators who specialize in agriculture, environment, human rights and healthcare.



At Rhizome Translations, we believe that building material for people in their own language is key to achieving a sense of belonging and empowerment within communities. Our professional backgrounds, affinities and values have made agriculture, environment, human rights and healthcare our area of expertise.


We provide non-profit* and public organizations, professional associations, social enterprises and cooperatives with English-to-French translations. Our mission is to contribute to yours by helping people understand who you are, what you do and how they can help.   


Organic agriculture, food security, biodiversity, sustainability, climate resilience, etc. 


Arts, culture, education, inclusivity, capacity-building, community development, etc.

Social Justice

Feminism, sexual diversity, health and well-being, affordable housing, immigration, etc.


your audience

By giving access to material in French, you’ll expand your audience and increase people’s awareness for your mission. 

Have your website, job offers, social media posts, position statements and publications translated or revised to maximize the impact of your published work. 


your stakeholders

Clear and fluid communications allow you to send the right message with conviction and professionalism. Show the importance of your work and get the support you need.

Have us work on your grant application, project proposal or membership drive material, so that your cause gets the attention it deserves.


your deadlines

Let us take the weight off your shoulders. We make sure that our translations align with your organization’s terminology and existing publications so you don’t have to worry about it. Our clients are busy and that’s why they appreciate our autonomy and efficiency. 

Have us translate your documents, revise your material or create a glossary so you have quality communication tools to help you reach your goals. 



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Rachelle masters the pen and the plow. A university-trained translator (University of Montreal, 2010), with experience at the Translation Bureau and in a large Montreal translation firm, she has worked as a freelancer for more than six years. In her other life, organic agriculture (Victoriaville College, 2016) has led her to work on collective gardening projects, CSA baskets, and research. Rachelle is also interested in alternative lifestyles, feminism and social issues, and food autonomy.


Stéphanie likes well thought-out ideas. As a graduate from the University of Montreal in philosophy and political science, and from the University of Ottawa in translation, she knows how to produce clear, fluid and consistent texts. From 2017 to 2019, she received three academic scholarships from the University of Ottawa, a grant from the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario and the Robert Dubuc Scholarship in Translation. She has worked in the community and cooperative sector, and has been involved with many collective projects related to organic agriculture. Her passion: linking those experiences with her work as a translator.




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